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Meet the talented individuals who make our organisation possible. Our staff consists of skilled facilitators, imaginative experts, and enthusiastic people who are all committed to having a good influence on young people's lives.

Our team has a wide spectrum of knowledge and expertise, and we take pride in having developed a culture that encourages cooperation, imagination, and innovation. Together, we create and present programmes that are interesting, educational, and specifically catered to the needs of the young people we interact with.

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Founder & Director

Ali is an actor and activist based in London. He has worked with charities and organisations, such as Our Second Home, Counterpoint Arts, and the British Red Cross. He loves helping people, experiencing diverse cultures and learning new languages. As an actor, Ali has performed at The Globe, the National and Leeds Playhouse. As an activist he usually focuses on the problems that refugees and asylum seekers are facing in the UK and around the world, including racism and inequality, and is always looking to fight against negative stereotypes about refugees and asylum seekers.

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Emma Brand is a theatre-maker and performer from London. She was inspired by her family's history of being Jewish refugees to the UK, to get involved in Our Second Home, where she is now the Training Lead on the leadership programme. For her artistic work, Emma trained as a theatre-maker at Goldsmiths College, London, where she formed an international performance collective with artists from India and Taiwan. She has also volunteered with young people for over ten years and likes to bring creativity to youth spaces, and a sense of welcoming and playfulness into her theatre projects.

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Fundraising Team

Ella is from London and the daughter of a Kiwi immigrant. She has volunteered within the charity sector for over 6 years, spending time working in Jordan, Cambodia and Calais. Her masters’ degree in Global Migrations focused particularly on the use of digital technologies by Palestinians. She also works as a Food Cycle project leader in Kilburn, and particularly enjoys music, eating foods from around the world and foreign-language cinema.



Communications Lead

Vanisha is from UK and has over 5 years of experience in the charity sector. With a passion for social media, digital fundraising, and campaigns, she has worked both domestically and internationally, collaborating with organisations to create positive change in their communities. As a second-generation refugee, Vanisha is personally committed to promoting the rights and dignity of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Currently pursuing a Master's degree in Humanitarian Action, she is passionate about creating meaningful and sustainable impact in the lives of those who are most vulnerable.

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Outreach Volunteer

Hannah is an Outreach Volunteer for Babylon Migrants Project. Her background is in music and theatre, having spent the first half of her twenties singing and performing around the UK and Europe and teaching violin and singing. After volunteering in Calais, she was motivated to study a master’s in Humanitarianism, Conflict & Development, believing that human connections are at the heart of understanding each other and the world we share. Community-building through creativity is something she cares passionately about and is excited to be a part of the Babylon Project’s journey!



Programmes Lead

Lerato is an experienced Applied Theatre and Creative ESOL practitioner, specializing in using drama as a tool for linguistic and psychosocial support with refugee and asylum-seeking communities. She has delivered workshops with NGOs, theatres and organisations working with refugees and asylum seekers across the UK, Greece, Bosnia and Serbia. She also designs and delivers thematic applied theatre workshops across London and globally. She is currently undertaking her PhD at the Centre for Arts and Social Transformation in Auckland, New Zealand. Her research focuses on how to authentically honour and elevate the voices and perspectives of refugees and asylum seekers in creative work.


As Babylon’s Programme and Strategy Lead, Lerato oversees and co-designs Babylon’s programmes, as well as supporting the fundraising team. She is passionate and dedicated to her work with newly arrived young people, and to the development of creative, innovative and fun ways to engage with them and provide them with the skills to thrive. She is also driven by the positive impact the arts can have on young people, and its ability to not only enhance young people’s development, but also their understanding of the world around them. At the heart of her practice, Lerato strives to use Drama and the arts as a tool for sustainable and critical social change.

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Theatre Director

Kevin is a theatre director, educator and facilitator born and raised in Vancouver, who lives and works in London. Kevin’s directorial work has been seen around the world in Canada, USA, China, India and the UK with companies such as Canada’s Shaw Festival, Shakespeare’s Globe, LAMDA and the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing. He regularly facilitates workshops for a wide range of participants including asylum seekers, refugees, professional actors, at-risk youth and students with special educational needs.

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Mehraveh is from Iran. She has been in UK for over a year, having been recently reunited with family. Mehraveh is currently undertaking a BTech in Science. She is enjoying volunteering in different organisations and charities and is passionate about making new friends and gaining knowledge about other people with diverse backgrounds making everyone special and unique. Mehraveh is also involved with Springboard and Our Second Home.

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Amir is from Afghanistan and now resides in Southend-on-Sea after being evacuated in August 2021. In Afghanistan, Amir worked as a photographer, and he still has a strong interest for it. In 2021, he joined Safe Passage International as a Young Leader, and in 2022, he completed their Leadership Program. In their Fly With Me project, which involved thousands of kites flying at 47 locations across the world, he worked with Good Chance Theatre as a production and marketing assistant.

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Silvia is originally from Mexico and has lived in the UK for 18 years. She has supported asylum seekers, migrants and refugees for the past three years and now works in the local government supporting local communities and love helping those who need it the most. Silvia speaks English and Spanish and also has management accounting and business skills.

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Sanam is a poet and activist who strives to use her creativity for social justice. She likes to explore her ethnicity, gender and sexuality through drawing, writing and discussion. She feels most inspired working with diverse communities and tries to create a sense of home wherever she goes. Through her work and studies, Sanam has specialised in facilitating creative writing, storytelling and drama workshops for children, teenagers and adults. She has worked with vulnerable youth in her borough, toddlers at summer camps, unaccompanied young asylum seekers, and care home residents. In her free evenings, she makes fesenjoon (Iranian stew) and cycles through the city for cups of tea and friendly conversations.

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