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Supporting Our Community Amidst Changes

Recent Developments: We are deeply concerned about the passing of the Rwanda Bill in the House of Lords and the potential implications it holds for refugees, asylum-seekers, and migrants. The threat of deportation hangs heavily over our participants and their peers, many of whom have endured trauma and persecution. We stand in solidarity with them during this challenging time.


Our Stance: We firmly oppose the Rwanda Bill and its potential impact on vulnerable individuals. As a community with diverse refugee, asylum-seeking and migrant backgrounds, we understand the importance of safe and legal routes to asylum. We believe that establishing such routes is crucial to ensuring the safety and well-being of those seeking refuge.


Our Commitment: Despite recent changes, we remain committed to offering compassionate support, resources, and assistance to anyone in need.


How We Can Help: If recent changes have impacted you or someone you know or if you have concerns about their immigration status, please don't hesitate to reach out to us or the many available resources below. We are here to listen and signpost assistance to ensure that everyone in our community feels supported and protected.


Stay Connected: We encourage you to stay connected with us for updates and resources related to recent developments. Together, we can navigate these challenges and continue to build a safe and supportive community for all.

Resources and Links to Support for those seeking asylum:

Mental Health & Community Support

Emergency Legal Advice
& Information

If you are detained , DO NOT say anything without correct legal advice.

Care 4 Calais - Information Leaflet if you have received Rwanda or Notice of Intent (available in multiple languages).

Immigration raids: your rights, and what to do

  • Detention Action: 0800 587 2096

  • BID: 020 7456 9750 (Mon-Thurs 10-12)

  • Care4Calais Rwanda: 07519773268 (WhatsApp only)

  • Care4Calais Detention: 0800 009 6268

  • GDWG: 0800 389 4367

  • SDS: 07438 407 570

  • JCWI: 0800 160 1004 (Mon, Tues, Thurs 10-1)

For those supporting others:

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