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Babylon Project provides creative activities by and for young people from asylum seeking, refugee and migrant backgrounds, as well as introducing people to concepts such as identity, community and social justice.

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Babylon runs workshops with expert facilitators, many of whom come from migrant, refugee or asylum seeking backgrounds. Our workshops explore concepts like identity, community and social justice, through drama, art, creative writing, photography and film. We are always looking for new ideas to implement in future for creative workshops.

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Building bridges

As well as providing workshops for young people from refugee, asylum seeking and migrant backgrounds, Babylon also organises creative activities for British young people. The aim of these activities is to spread awareness about the asylum system in the UK, challenge negative stereotypes and inspire a sense of solidarity. As an organisation, we always want to build bridges and foster multicultural communities

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Babylon Theatre

Through our creative workshops, we hope to meet participants who are interested in acting professionally, or who already have acting experience in their home countries. We want Babylon to be a hub of creative possibilities, with unique opportunities for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants to take part in public theatre performances and gain professional credits.

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Since Babylon was founded, we have built strong connections and worked in partnership with other friendly organisations wherever possible to maximise our impact. We have worked especially within the youth and refugee sectors to help us reach out to more young people who could benefit from our activities. So far, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with the British Red Cross, Safe Passage, Fences & Frontiers, Springboard, Dost, Our Second Home, London Migration Film Festival, NEST, Compass Collective, Arctic University of Norway and Woodcraft Folk. We are always looking for new collaborators to partner with for future sessions and activities

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